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We’re an independently owned and operated agency in Eugene, Oregon and we deliver insurance and risk management solutions.  We’ve served individuals and businesses for more than 65 years and we’re committed to giving clients the best possible products and services.  We believe in education and in seeing the ethos of others.  We educate clients and we educate ourselves about clients as a result.  Our efforts ensure that we know what clients need and it ensures that clients get the greatest protection for the right price.



We have a wide variety of insurance options, including home, auto, life, and we also cover public entities.  We have tribal insurance as well, and this is critical to populations of indigenous people in our area.  Our policy options for public entities and for transportation service organizations are important to people and to businesses throughout Oregon and we ensure that policies that we write for these options are tailored to the needs of individual clients.


Our business program keeps virtually any commercial enterprise in The Beaver State secure and our programs for specific industries do the same.  The specific-industry programs contain coverages that are unique to different lines of work, which include consulting and livestock.  Coverage uniqueness is one reason why these programs are important to a lot of businesses.


Our agriculture program gives farmers and agribusiness owners the opportunities they need to stay protected and to run operations smoothly.  We know how large a role farming and agriculture play in the economy of our state, and we support farmers and agribusiness owners by delivering custom-tailored solutions.  Doing so helps our farmer-clients contribute to Oregon in meaningful ways.



We work closely with clients in order to identify the right coverages and to create the best policies.  Once these policies are in place we monitor them regularly and we keep clients informed.  We actively manage risk and this helps reduce the chances that clients will suffer losses and that clients will need to use their insurance.  If insurance is used and claims are filed, we manage the claims.


We have 24-hour certificate service and we have 24-hour emergency answering services.  We're reachable at almost all times, so if clients need to get a hold of us then they can.


Please contact us or give us a call to learn more.  You can request a quote if you’re ready to get started.




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WHA Insurance Agency Inc.

2930 Chad Drive
Eugene, OR 97408

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Main office: 541-403-5155
Toll free: 800-852-6140
Fax: 541-484-5434

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Mon: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
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“I commend you on your choice of insurance companies, they did everything one would hope a company would do in a claim – I could do a commercial on them they were so wonderful.”

Mark Schoepke of Tree of Life, Inc. on claims service from Unigard
“I want to thank you for your great support and service. You have made a somewhat confusing and frustrating experience for the customer a very non-conflicting experience. If given the chance I will heartily recommend you and your company in the future.”

B & B Heavy Equipment called to tell me what an amazing job Raelynn had done for them. They were very impressed with her follow up and wanted to be sure we knew what an outstanding employee we had.

“I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to come up to Clackamas and present not only the two classes for customer service but also the Safety Program you presented in Basics. You are a fantastic speaker with a ton of knowledge and I’m glad you were able to share some of that with us last week”

Bill Richmond, Water Quality Analyst, Tualatin Valley Water District